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About Goodbye UTI

About Goodbye UTI

About Goodbye UTI


In 60 seconds find out how Goodbye UTI, a natural supplement, works to relieve your urinary tract infection symptoms. Keep a jar handy for when that "oh no" feeling begins, and you may just be able to avoid doctor visits, tests, and strong antibiotics.


The Problem: Antibiotics


Conventionally, doctors treat UTIs with antibiotics, which can work effectively if it’s the right antibiotic for that particular bug. But, we know antibiotics are only a short-term fix and bring with them other longer-term problems.

Some strains of the bacteria that cause UTIs are becoming antibiotic resistant, and antibiotics tend to kill off even the helpful bacteria in your body, which causes recurring UTIs.

We think antibiotics should be a last resort. Even doctors are acknowledging that prescribing antibiotics over and over again is both dangerous and ineffective in the long term.

The Solution: Goodbye UTI, A "Good" Sugar


Goodbye UTI is made of a natural sugar known as D-Mannose that's related to the better-known glucose. Both occur naturally in your body and are also found in some plants.

It is well known that too much sugar uptake causes many health problems, including diabetes and obesity. However, a team of researchers at the NIH have recently shown that D-Mannose is a “healthy/good” monosaccharide. It also has unique characteristics which make it work more safely and effectively than antibiotics. 

First, it is not metabolized like other sugars in the body: it flows directly into the bladder, not the bloodstream, so it does not alter blood sugar levels and it does not attack friendly bacteria in other areas. 

Second, the E Coli bacteria that cause UTIs have "hooks" which allow them to stick to the walls of your bladder and make them hard to get rid of. But they are very attracted to the sugar in Goodbye UTI, so when it reaches the bladder they latch onto it and are flushed right out in your urine.

Third, when taken regularly, these sugar molecules coat the lining of the urinary tract and bladder with a membrane, so that new bacteria cannot take hold and start a new infection.


The Problem: That "Oh No" Feeling Again


If you’ve ever experienced a urinary tract infection (UTI) you know the horrible signs all too well: running to the bathroom every half-hour with what feels like a full bladder, only to squeeze out a pathetically small trickle — scalding its way out.

It’s a truly miserable feeling, and the sheer dread of a recurrence is enough to make you cry. 

The Solution: Goodbye UTI Helps You Feel Better


Now you can address your UTI when you first notice the symptoms and before it becomes unbearable. Here’s what to watch out for:

  • burning or pain during urination
  • urinary frequency or urgency
  • cloudy urine

If you experience any of these symptoms, simply stir a teaspoon of Goodbye UTI into a glass of water, and let the healing begin.

The sugar travels quickly to your bladder where the E-coli (Escherichia coli ) bacteria is beginning to grow. Within 30-60 minutes the sugar molecules have been flushed out of your system, taking the bacteria with them. And a study by the NIH showed that most bacteria were gone within one day of use.

For an active UTI, Goodbye UTI should be taken every 3-4 hours for the first 2 days. To prevent recurrences, it should be consumed daily.


The Problem: Uncertainty About Natural Remedies


83 million women in the US suffer from occasional or recurring UTI symptoms. But only a few (12%) have ever heard of the active ingredient in Goodbye UTI known as D-Mannose, and even fewer (6%) have ever tried it. And medical information on it is hard to find. This lack of awareness and knowledge causes uncertainty.

Our pharmacist, Dr. DePanicis , explains that D-Mannose is a natural sugar which is officially classified by the FDA as a "nutraceutical".

Nutraceuticals are fortified food products that not only supplement the diet but also assist in treating or preventing disease, so they provide medical benefits.

Other examples of nutraceuticals include things you are probably already consuming today like milk, orange juice, fish oil, and CoQ10.

The Solution: Medical Research and Testimonials


Early clinical trials have shown that D-Mannose, the key ingredient in Goodbye UTI, works better than antibiotics to relieve UTI symptoms and protect the bladder against recurring UTI's.

In a recent study, 308 women with a history of recurrent UTIs were evaluated. Not only did the group taking D-Mannose do best in terms of eliminating infection, but the women taking it had virtually no side-effects from the treatment.

Articles in medical journals have begun to identify the positive benefits of taking D-Mannose to prevent UTIs. Women who have been taking D-Mannose are posting very positive D-mannose UTI reviews at websites such as

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